To make use of this API note you need to have MS Excel and Singula 9.4 or any of our 3D programs installed on your computer. We request you to please go through the API example from our Quick start guide, which can be accessed from Help > Tutorial inside our programs.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to understand how API can be used to create desired geometries:

  1. Download and open the following files located at end of the page
  2. You can now see the model icons
  3. Once you single-left click on any of these icons, you will see the specific junction design template appear on your screen
  4. Click on the “Create” button of the design template
  5. You will now see the program opens up and live creates the geometry for you with utmost ease in a few seconds
  6. You can then vary the Length, Width, Height and Units in the junction design template as per design needs or even before, choice is yours.
  7. Once the geometric modeling is complete, you can then proceed further for assignments to the model without using the API functions. To do this you can follow our manuals and tutorials from the Help Tab inside our programs.

We should mention that this is one sample for Singula 9.40 and users of our other programs could readily extend this feature to their specific modeling and simulation needs. You can further create more parts templates as per your design needs.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions on how to use the INTEGRATED API and for a live demonstration of our programs. We can always give you a live demonstration to create your desired geometry using our API tool.

We regularly conduct special workshops and training for API topics on demand. Please get in touch with us for more information on scheduling and fees.