The ultimate use of any design tool is to improve a design by minimizing cost, maximizing reliability and optimizing parameters, such as force or weight. The key to any simulation software is the ability to change a parameter and find its effect on the model.

INTEGRATED’s R&D team has developed a mature, straightforward tool: our built-in parametric features allow the user to change parameters, such as dimensions and materials, and determine how they will affect the ultimate performance of the model. Easily, the user can modify the design by stretching, transforming or rotating parts of the geometry, among other functions. Our postprocessor tools allow designers to set up calculations and graphical analysis for any parameters not available as standard output.

Through INTEGRATED’s CAE software, simulations that may require hundreds of solutions to find the optimal design can be achieved with a very small learning curve; geometric and physical parameters are readily changed through an intuitive interface.

Achieving proficiency with our tools is quick. This is an important feature for designers who may not use the simulation tool daily, as no relearning is required every time a solution to a new problem is needed.


Rotational symmetric solenoid model showing field lines