Cables Design

INTEGRATED’s software programs are leading cable modelling software programs that allows the designers to model a variety of electric or magnetic effects in cables simulation.


INTEGRATED’s software programs can be applied to the various aspects of cable design:

  • Calculation of Electric field strength and voltage distribution. Calculation of capacitances.
  • Calculation of Power losses in insulation.
  • Calculation of Electric field strength and voltage distribution in time.
  • Calculation of cable inductance.
  • Heat transfer, Temperature distribution inside cable. Cable heating system simulation.

In cable designing simulation, calculation of RLCG matrices are very useful (e.g. for cross-talk simulation). For this, it is possible to combine the ELECTRO™ and OERSTED™ modules into a single program, which combines the Circuit Parameters mode of each. The table below provides the suggestions on simulation software programs for different types of analysis in cables.

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