There are several distinct cases for electromagnetic shielding, which will affect which simulation software would be most suitable:


For low frequency or static shielding of electric fieds use ELECTRO™ for 2D/RS geometry or COULOMB™ for analysis of a full 3D geometry.



For low-frequency or static shielding of magnetic fields use MAGNETO™ for 2D/RS or AMPERES™ for analysis of a full 3D geometry.

Magnetic with Eddy Current Effects

If there are significant eddy current or skin depth effects from conductors in the model the simulation software to use are OERSTED™ (2D/RS) or FARADAY™ (3D).

High Frequency

If the frequency is high enough that the wavelength is comparable to the geometry in size, then use SINGULA™ (3D simulation) as CAE software.

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