Simulation of an Airplane

Electromagnetic modeling of an airplane with dimensions of 40m x 37 m x 4m due to incident plane wave is solved by CHRONOS™. This problem is modeled using 1139 x 1068 x 224 cells for incident pulse with maximum frequency f0 = 400 MHz. The problem is simulated as a finite structure with terminating the simulation domain from all the sides by PML. The problem is solved using XEONMP E7- 32 Physical Cores. The H-field is animated on the whole surface of the airplane as shown in the following Figure. The run time and parallelization efficiency for simulating the airplane problem are shown in the following table:

# of Processors Run Time Speed ratio compared to 1 processor Parallelization Efficiency
1 99h 35m 1
2 52h 55m 1.88 94%
4 27h 48m 3.58 89.5%
8 15h 16m 6.5 81.5%
16 8h 35m 11.6 72.5%